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Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Emergency Medicine

Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Emergency MedicineElsevier Saunders

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Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice consists of a series of practical handbooks on selected medical topics on specific veterinary problems. Case-based, this series is aimed at the small animal veterinary practitioner who has qualified less than 10 years and needs quick access to information and wants to increase his/her confidence on handling that range of cases that cover the spectrum that lies between the simple routine first opinion case and the referral.
Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice provides additional knowledge that leads to improved skills and practice for veterinary practitioners. Not only practitioners, but also veterinary students nearing the end of their course will find this series very useful to brush up their knowledge in a particular area. The volumes are also written with the veterinary nurse in mind with a particular interest in a specific topic, using ‘Nurse Boxes’ in the text to guide them to the specific information they need.

Author Info:
By Shailen Jasani, VetMB MA MRCVS (ACVECC Diploma eligible), Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Emergency & Critical Care, The Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Royal Veterinary College, UK

Table Of Contents:


Section 1 The fundamentals
1 Major body system examination
2 Shock and dehydration
3 Emergency database interpretation
4 Parenteral fluid therapy
5 Analgesia for the emergency patient
6 Oxygen supplementation

Section 2 Problem-orientated approach
7 Abnormal urine or urination
8 Acute abdomen
9 Acute diarrhoea
10 Acute red eye and pain
11 Acute vomiting
12 Cardiac dysrhythmias
13 Collapse
14 Cyanosis
15 Head tilt and nystagmus
16 Hyperthermia and pyrexia
17 Hypothermia
18 Jaundice
19 Pallor and approach to anaemia
20 Pelvic limb paresis and paralysis
21 Petechiae and ecchymoses
22 Regurgitation
23 Respiratory distress

24 Seizures
25 Sudden loss of vision
26 Urticaria, angioedema and anaphylaxis
27 Wounds and open fractures

Section 3 Specific disorders
28 The trauma patient
29 The acute abdomen
30 Toxicological emergencies
31 Cardiovascular emergencies
32 Respiratory emergencies
33 Haematological and haemostatic emergencies
34 Endocrine emergencies
35 Ocular emergencies
36 Urinary tract emergencies
37 Dystocia
38 Heatstroke

Section 4 Additional topics
39 Notes on sedation and general anaesthesia (with Simon Ripoll)
40 Notes on transfusion medicine
41 Notes on paediatric medicine

MCQs - Answers
Appendix 1 Drug formulary
Appendix 2 Procedures - equipment and techniques

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Sept 2010
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