Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography, 2nd Edition

Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography, 2nd Edition

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Jessica A. Kidd, Kristina G. Lu, Michele L. Frazer
Oct. 2022, Wiley-Blackwell
624 pages
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Ultrasonography is a vital diagnostic tool that can be applied in
numerous functions in a veterinary practice. In conjunction with
relevant clinical information—patient history and physical examination
findings, for example—it can act as an important aid in the
veterinarian’s decision-making process. Many vets in equine practice
rely upon ultrasonography as a mainstay of equine diagnostic imaging on a
wide range of structures and body systems. Ultrasonography is a useful
procedure that is non-invasive and acts in complement to radiography to
successfully diagnose the animal’s condition. This book’s aim is to
encourage the clinician to rely further on the use of ultrasonography in
their practice.

The second edition of Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography
provides an updated and expanded revision of the first atlas of
ultrasonography in the horse. The first edition of this important
resource was the first pictorially-based book to cover ultrasonography
in the horse, and remains the only book currently available on the
subject. The current version offers 450 additional images with greater
clarity and precision in the images throughout and demonstrates how to
obtain images in each body region while offering clinical ultrasonograms
that show pathology.

Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography readers will also find:

  • High-quality clinical ultrasonograms for important musculoskeletal, reproductive, and medical conditions in the horse
  • More than 1,500 images, with accompanying concise text describing the images
  • A companion website that provides video clips showing dynamic ultrasound exams

Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography
is an invaluable reference to any veterinarian evaluating
ultrasonograms in equine patients. As a result, this book will be of
particular interest to equine specialists, veterinary radiologists,
equine practitioners, and veterinary students.

Author :

Jessica A. Kidd, BA, DVM, CertES(Orth), Dipl. ECVS, MRCVS, is an RCVS and European Recognized specialist in Equine Surgery based in Oxfordshire, UK.

Kristina G. Lu, VMP, Dipl. ACT, is a specialist in equine reproduction at Hagyard Equine Medical Insitute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Michele L. Frazer, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM ACVECC,
is a specialist in equine internal medicine and emergency and critical
care medicine at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Lexington, Kentucky,