BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry, 3rd Edition

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry, 3rd Edition

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C. Tutt, J. Deeprose, D.A. Crossley
September 2007

200 pages
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Under the guidance of the new editorial team, this new edition has been completely revised and updated. The book has been refocused solely to cats and dogs and reorganized, while retaining the practical approach.

The first section covers anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity, diagnostic techniques, anaesthesia and analgesia, and dental instrumentation and equipment. There is also a separate chapter dedicated to operator health and safety considerations. The remainder of the manual focuses on conditions encountered in small animal practice, including developmental abormalities, fractures and attrition. Inflammatory and infectious disease - stomatitis and periodontitis - are discussed in detail for both cats and dogs. A chapter on surgery details extraction procedures.

The manual is illustrated throughout with full-colour photographs as well as retaining the clear procedural diagrams drawn by editor David Crossley.
  • Fully revised and updated, with a new focus on feline and canine dentistry;
  • Emphasis on common practical procedures;
  • New Editors on board with a mix of well-known international contributors.
Table of contents:
Oral dental anatomy and physiology;
Oral and dental diagnostics; Anaesthetic considerations for dentistry;
Operator safety and health considerations;
Dental instrumentation and equipment;
Developmental oral and dental conditions;
Canine infectious, inflammatory and immune-mediated oral conditions;
Feline inflammatory and infectious oral conditions;
Physical oral/dental conditions;
Other oral/dental conditions;
Dental surgical procedures; Index