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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Nephrology and Urology, 2nd Edition Editions Wiley-Blackwell

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Nephrology and Urology, 2nd EditionWiley-Blackwell

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Remplacé par la nouvelle édition
This completely revised new edition is presented in three parts. Common presenting problems are considered in Part 1, using sufficient background physiology and/or anatomy of the system in a succinct way to enable the reader to understand what goes wrong with the urinary system to allow the presenting problem to occur. Differential diagnosis is considered and useful case examples illustrate the points made. Part 2 features details of how to perform and interpret both standard diagnostic techniques, such as imaging and urinalysis, and less common but very useful tests, such as staging of chronic kidney disease. More advanced techniques are also discussed to help the clinician decide when to refer cases. Part 3 deals with management of common urological syndromes, including complications and what to do if treatment fails. The emphasis is on medical management. Throughout the book, use is made of tables and flow charts as well as high-quality colour photographs.
  • Adopts a problem-oriented clinical approach;
  • Now with a practical focus on diagnostics and medical treatment;
  • New US co-editor and many more international contributors.
Table of contents :
Dysuria and haematuria; Polyuria/Polydipsia; Urinary incontinence/Urine retention; Abnormal renal palpation; Uraemia; Proteinuria; Juvenile/familial nephropathies; Complete urinalysis; Assessment of renal function; Diagnostic imaging of the urinary tract; Diagnostic algorithms and staging the renal failure patient; Renal biopsy; Measurement of blood pressure; Cystoscopy; Lithotripsy; Dialysis; Management of acute renal failure; Management of chronic kidney disease; Management of glomerulonephritis; Management of prostatic disease; Management of urolithiasis; Management of feline lower urinary tract inflammation; Management of urinary tract infections; Appendices; Index.

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Février 2007
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