BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology, 3rd Edition

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology, 3rd Edition

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Lascelles, Dobson
Janv. 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
376 pages
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Building on the success of previous editions, the Editors have sought to marry the best of the old with the new. All chapters have been updated, or rewritten, by international experts to encompass the important advances made over the last several years, while keeping the text practical and user-friendly.  

The principles of diagnostics and clinical staging and of the main therapeutic modalities are outlined. Individual tumour types in the body systems of dogs and cats are then described, using a common approach to aid information retrieval on aetiology and pathogenesis, presentation and clinical signs (including staging/grading of tumours), management , and prognosis. A wealth of new photographs has been included to illustrate the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of a range of tumours.

The growing importance of ethical considerations and palliative care are also recognized, and exciting developments and treatment possibilities explored.

Introduction: cancer in small animals;
How to make a diagnosis;
Tumour staging;
Paraneoplastic syndromes;
When to treat animals with cancer;
Principles of surgical oncology;
Principles of chemotherapy;
Principles of radiation therapy;
Therapies of the future;
Principles of nutrition of the cancer patient;
Relief of pain - acute and chronic;
Tumours of skin and subcutaneous tissues;
Tumours of the skeletal system;
Soft tissue sarcomas;
Tumours of the mammary glands;
Tumours of the urogenital system;
Tumours of the respiratory system and thoracic cavity;
Tumours of the haemopoietic system;
Endocrine tumours;
Tumours of the nervous system;
Ocular tumours;

Nick Bacon (USA ), Laura Blackwood (UK), Jon Bray (UK), Malcolm Brearly (UK), Bill Dernell (USA ), Jane Dobson (UK), Henrik von Euler (Sweden), David Gould (UK), Stuart Helfand (USA ), Kelvin Kow (USA ), Sue Lana (USA ), Duncan Lascelles (USA ), Chris Mariani (USA ), Kyle Matthews (USA ), Richard Mellanby (UK), Amy Pruitt (USA ), Bernie Rollin (USA ), Korinn Saker (USA ), Tim Scase (UK), Catherine Scott-Moncrieff (USA ), Don Thrall (USA ), David Vail (USA ), Rob White (UK)