BSAVA Manual of Farm Pets

BSAVA Manual of Farm Pets

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Roberts, Scott-Park
Fév. 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
320 pages
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This brand new manual offers practical information on the health, husbandry, medicine and surgery of companion animals more commonly regarded as farm species. Coverage includes animal health and welfare as well as organic farming principles and practice. Species covered include cattle, sheep, pigs, camelids, and birds.

Table of contents :

1 An Introduction to livestock keeping.
2 Cattle: health and husbandry.
3 Cattle: medicine and surgery.
4 Sheep: health and husbandry.
5 Sheep: medicine and surgery.
6 Goats: health and husbandry.
7 Goats: medicine and surgery.
8 Pigs: health and husbandry.
9 Pigs: medicine and surgery.
10 Camelids: health and husbandry.
11 Camelids: medicine and surgery.
12 Galliform birds: health and husbandry.
13 Galliform birds: medicine and surgery.
14 Waterfowl: health and husbandry.
15 Waterfowl: medicine and surgery.
16 Postmortem examination of galliform and anseriform birds.
17 Organic principles and practice

Victoria Roberts, Freda Scott-Park

February 2008, Editions Wiley-Blackwell

320 pages