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Equine Infectious Diseases

Médecine générale équine : tous les livres

Equine Infectious Diseases

Ref. produit : SAUN18
Elsevier Saunders
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Ideal for both practitioners and students, this comprehensive resource covers the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious disease in horses. Organized by infectious agent – virus, bacterial and rickettsial, protazoal, and fungal – it includes complete coverage of the individual diseases caused by each type of agent. A section on clinical problems examines conditions such as ocular infections, CNS infections, and skin infections. It also addresses the importance of preventing and controlling infectious disease outbreaks with coverage of epidemiology, biosecurity, antimicrobial therapy, and recognizing foreign equine diseases.

Debra C. Sellon, Maureen Long
December 2006, Saunders

28,44 x 22,86 x 3,30 cm
672 pages

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