Essential guides on cattle farming. Parasitology and parasitic diseases

Essential guides on cattle farming. Parasitology and parasitic diseases

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J. PEDREIRA, P. DIAZ, M. Sol Arias
2015 - Éditions SERVET

17 x 11 cm
92 pages
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Handbook entirely dedicated to parasitology and parasitic diseases in bovine species based on a handy and visual approach of the topic. This handbook has been carried out by highly experienced and renowned experts who are continuously working on new challenges in bovine parasitology in order to minimise the negative effect caused by parasites in cattle farming.

This updated work has been carefully developed including the most essential contents, so that it depicts a notable tool to cope and control these parasitoses as far as possible. Moreover, many significant tips and graphic resources (life cycles, diagnosis, treatment guidelines and clinical signs through high quality images from distinctive macroscopic lesions to identify each parasite with its particular features) provided by the authors improve and turn this atlas into a reference in its field.

On the other hand, diagnosis and treatment has been methodically explained in individual chapters, emphasising diagnostic methods and treatment guidelines. The atlas format helps to make the contents understandable and affordable for readers.