Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician, 2nd Edition

Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician, 2nd Edition

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Bonnie Ballard, Ryan Cheek
Avril 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
520 pages
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Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician, Second Edition is a comprehensive yet clear introduction to exotic animal practice for technicians in the classroom and clinic setting alike.  With an emphasis on the exotic species most likely to present to a veterinary practice, the book offers easy-to-follow descriptions of common procedures and techniques.  Covering information ranging from anatomy, restraint, and common diseases to radiology, surgical assisting, and parasitology, Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician provides technicians with all the information necessary to confidently and competently treat exotic patients. 

This book's companion Web site, which includes review questions and figures for download in PowerPoint, will be available starting in May 2010.

Author information :
Dr. Bonnie Ballard, DVM, is the program director at Gwinnett Technical College and one of two full-time faculty members. She also practices small animal and exotic medicine at Winder Animal Hospital in Winder, Georgia.
Ryan Cheek, RVTg, VTS (ECC), is a veterinary technologist and a full time instructor at Gwinnett Technical College.  Before this position he was head technician of the exotic animal department and emergency and critical technician in private practice.

New to this edition :

  • Chapters have been reorganized and divided into sections
  • Shorter chapters for easier navigation
  • Includes expanded information on birds
  • New chapters on avian behavior, husbandry, and enrichment; aviary design and management; and sex differentiation and reproduction
  • New chapter on herpetoculture and reproduction
  • New chapters on skunks, sugar gliders, and prairie dogs
  • New emphasis on husbandry and nutrition
  • New second text color
  • Expanded with 125 additional pages and 100 new images
Table of contents :

Section 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 The Role of the Veterinary Technician in Exotic Animal Medicine

Section 2 Avian
Chapter 2 Psittacines and Passerines
Chapter 3 Psittacine Behavior, Husbandry, and Enrichment
Chapter 4 Aviary Design and Management
Chapter 5 Sex Differentiation and Reproduction

Section 3 Reptiles
Chapter 6 Lizards
Chapter 7 Snakes
Chapter 8 Chelonians
Chapter 9 Herpetoculture and Reproduction

Section 4 Amphibians
Chapter 10 Amphibians

Section 5 Mammals
Chapter 11 Ferrets
Chapter 12 Rabbits
Chapter 13 Mice, Rats, Gerbils, and Hamsters

Chapter 14 Chinchillas
Chapter 15 Guinea Pigs
Chapter 16 Hedgehogs
Chapter 17 Skunks
Chapter 18 Sugar Gliders
Chapter 19 Prairie Dogs

Section 6 Wildlife Rehabilitation

Chapter 20 The Role of the Veterinary Technician in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Section 7 Hematology
Chapter 21 Avian and Reptile Hematology

1. State/Federal Wildlife Permit Offices
2. Wildlife Admission/Exam/Care Forms
3. Handling and Restraint of Wildlife Species
4. Tail Wrapping
5. Guide to Identification of Hatchling and Nestling Songbirds
6. Average Body Weights of Selected North American Songbirds
7. Species Care Sheets
8. Biological Data of Selected North American Wild Mammals
9. Glossary of Medical Conditions and Treatments
10. Wildlife Product Sources
11. Additional Resources
12. Supplies Necessary for an Exotic Practice

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