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Georgis' Parasitology for Veterinarians, 10th Edition Elsevier Saunders

Georgis' Parasitology for Veterinarians, 10th EditionElsevier Saunders

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Georgis’ Parasitology for Veterinarians, 10th Edition provides current information on all parasites commonly encountered in veterinary medicine. Its primary focus is on parasites that infect major domestic species, such as dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and ruminants, but it also includes coverage of organisms that infect poultry, laboratory animals, and exotic species. This edition features chapters that cover arthropods, protozoans, and helminths, including their taxonomy and life cycles, as well as the clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment of each parasite’s infection or infestation. Other chapters include vector-borne diseases, antiparasitic drugs, diagnostic parasitology, histopathologic diagnosis, and a new chapter on vaccinations. No other book on this topic is so well-respected and so thorough. It’s the only parasitology reference that provides all the information you’ll need!

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Arthropods
3. Protozoans
4. Helminths
5. Vector-Borne Diseases
6. Antiparasitic Drugs
7. Diagnostic Parasitology
8. Histopathologic Diagnosis
9. Vaccinations

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Novembre 2013
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D. Bowman
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276 x 216
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