Pascoe's Principles and Practice of Equine Dermatology, 2nd Edition

Pascoe's Principles and Practice of Equine Dermatology, 2nd Edition

Elsevier Saunders
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June 2009

520 pages

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Building on the success of the Manual of Equine Dermatology by Reginald Pascoe and Derek Knottenbelt, Pascoe's Principles and Practice of Equine Dermatology 2e is designed as a fully practical, highly illustrated guide to skin diseases in the horse. This new edition emphasizes how to obtain an accurate differential diagnosis and arrive at correct decisions for the appropriate treatment of a condition. The book includes the full range of skin diseases and conditions commonly encountered in equine practice. Rarer disorders and those with a limited geographical distribution are also reviewed, and there are separate chapters on diseases of the hoof, skin wounds, neoplastic diseases and the various dermatologic syndromes that are encountered in the horse..

Professor Knottenbelt's approach is clear, authoritative and based on many years experience in treating equine dermatological conditions. The book presents over 650 photographs, most of them new and unique to this edition, and the accompanying CD-ROM offers an image library with over 300 extra illustrations.

By Derek C. Knottenbelt, BVM&S, DVM&S, MRCVS
25 June 2009, Editions Saunders
520 pages
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