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Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques E-BOOK Wiley-Blackwell livre, librairie
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Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques E-BOOK - Wiley-Blackwell

Shelby, McKune
Mars 2014

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Small Animal Anesthesia TechniquesWiley-Blackwell

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Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques provides a quick reference to protocols for anesthetizing canine, feline, and exotic animal patients in veterinary practice. This portable companion provides complete information on anesthetic procedures, from the basics of pharmacology, physiology, and equipment to handling challenging procedures and the compromised patient. A companion website features videos, images, and worksheets for calculations.   

The book offers an overview of the anesthetic process, with tips on how to anticipate and avoid complications, with example protocols for specific patients. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians will find this how-to guide to providing anesthesia to be an ideal resource for fast access to drug dosages, anesthesia protocols, and special considerations for specific procedures.
  • Provides an easily accessible reference to anesthesia techniques for dogs, cats and exotic animals
  • Features full-color photographs to demonstrate techniques
  • Outlines the anesthetic process, including equipment setup, use, and monitoring and drugs and fluids
  • Presents protocols for common procedures, anesthesia in patients with concurrent disease, and procedures for exotic species
  • Offers chapters on preventing and handling complications and regional blocks

Amanda Shelby, CVT, VTS (Anesthesia), is a Clinical Specialist in Anesthesia at Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
Carolyn McKune, DVM, DACVAA, is a veterinary anesthesiologist and independent contractor with her company Mythos Veterinary LLC, located in Gainesville, Florida, USA.

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Mars 2014
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Amanda Shelby, Carolyn McKune
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