Veterinary Technician's Large Animal Daily Reference Guide

Veterinary Technician's Large Animal Daily Reference Guide

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Amy D'Andrea,Jessica Sjogren
Oct. 2013, Wiley-Blackwell
464 pages
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"Veterinary Technician's Large Animal Daily Reference Guide" is anindispensible resource in daily clinical practice. Covering all aspectsof a veterinary technician's responsibilities in the care of largeanimals, the book provides fast access to practical information, aidingnewly trained and skilled large animal technicians alike in performingtheir daily tasks. Designed as a quick yet comprehensive reference, thetables and charts throughout offer reliable, easy-to-follow informationon horses, cattle, small ruminants, and pigs.

With chapter topicsranging from anatomy and nutrition to emergency and critical care, thebook's coverage includes both the basics of veterinary care and morespecialized nursing procedures. "Veterinary Technician's Large AnimalDaily Reference Guide" is an invaluable tool for any veterinarytechnician working with large animals, as well as veterinary technologystudents seeking more information on these species.

Key features

Provides fast access to all the information large animal techniciansneed in daily practice Offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of aveterinary technician's responsibilities Presents information on a widerange of topics, including preventative health care, internal medicine,nursing care, radiography, and pharmacology Encompasses both basic andadvanced techniques, making it an ideal reference for veterinarytechnicians of any skill level Uses tables and charts for rapidretrieval of essential details Covers horses, cattle, small ruminants,and pigs