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Nutrition of the RabbitCabi

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Rabbit production systems are important providers of meat in many parts of the world due to the species' many advantages, including rapid growth rate and good reproductive performance. They also provide angora wool, and are popular as companion animals. Bringing together international expertise in rabbit production, topics covered in this authoritative volume include digestive physiology, feed formulation and product quality as well as new contributions on innovative feeding strategies, new methods for feed processing, feed management around weaning and the relationship between nutrition and intestinal health.

Tables of contents :
1. The Digestive System of the Rabbit
2. Digestion of Starch and Sugars
3. Protein Digestion
4. Fat Digestion
5. Fibre Digestion
6. Energy and Protein Metabolism
7. Minerals, Vitamins and Additives
8. Feed Evaluation
9. Influence of the Diet on Rabbit Meat Quality
10. Nutrition and Pathology
11. Feed Manufacturing
12. Feed Formulation
13. Feeding Behaviour of the Rabbit
14. Feeding Systems for Intensive Production
15. Nutrition and Climatic Environment
16. Nutritional Recommendations and Feeding Management of Angora Rabbits
17. Pet Rabbit Feeding and Nutrition
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Juin 2010
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Cabi Publishing
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C. de Blas, J. Wiseman
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