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Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide, Wiley-Blackwell,, livre, librairie

Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and GuideWiley-Blackwell

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"Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide" offers fast access to a picture-matching guide to common ophthalmic conditions and key points related to diagnosing and managing these diseases. The first half of the book presents photographs of ophthalmic abnormalities with brief descriptions, as an aid for diagnosis. The second half of the book is devoted to concise, clinically oriented descriptions of disease processes, diagnostic tests, and treatments for each condition. "Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide" is a useful tool for quickly and accurately formulating a diagnosis, diagnostic strategy, and treatment plan for small animal patients.

Ideally suited for use in the fast-paced practice setting, this text is the only resource to provide both reference images and information for managing the disease in a single text. "Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide" is an easy-to-use aid for small animal general practitioners, veterinary students, and veterinary interns seeking a quick yet complete guide to small animal ophthalmology.

Key features

Provides both reference images of ocular abnormalities and information for managing disease in a single resource Offers high-quality, carefully chosen photographs for comparison at point of diagnosis Supplies concise descriptions of disease, focusing on the most important information for diagnosis and treatment Aids readers in quickly developing a diagnosis, diagnostic strategy, and treatment plan while the animal is in the exam room Presents essential information on ophthalmology for small animal practitioners, students, and interns Designed for ease of use in the clinical setting
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Avril 2015
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Wiley Blackwell
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Christine C. Lim
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